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12 Hours
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66 Lessons (12h)

  • Your First Program
  • Introduction
    Class project 01- Create Your Own Persona3:44
  • Before You Start
    What Is An NFT?4:50
    What Is A Blockchain?6:01
    The History Of NFT3:41
    Why You Should Create And Sell NFTs3:49
    How To Protect Your NFTs2:45
    Class Project 02 - Add Reasons, Blocks, Quote, And 4 Positive Personal Qualities6:26
  • NFTs Creation Workshop - First Method
    Getting Images5:31
    Modifying Images - Goart (Option 1)1:43
    Modifying Images - PhotoMania (Option 2)3:06
    Modifying Images - PhotoMosh (Option 3)5:11
    Add Text - Canva7:19
    Class Project 03 - Decide On An Idea, Produce It, Build An Audience, List It5:28
  • The Basics
    How To Set Up A MetaMask Wallet7:35
    Sign Up For OpenSea1:52
    The OpenSea Fees19:20
    List Your NFT On OpenSea14:23
    How To Buy An NFT4:28
    How To Fund Your Metamask Wallet2:39
    Build An Audience3:55
    Class Exercise2:51
  • BONUS 1 - The Ideas Workshop - Method 1 - Sell Art On The Solsea NFT Marketplace
    How To List NFT On Solsea For Lower Gas Fees17:53
  • The Ideas Workshop - Method 2 - Sell Selfies On The Polygon Blockchain
    Polygon Blockchain Introduction - How To Sell NFT Without Gas Fee1:16
    What Is The Polygon Blockchain Major Advantage - Sell NFT Without Gas Fee3:28
    My Gameplan Inspiration - Beeple, Sultan Gustaf Al Ghazali Everyday Selfie NFT5:29
    How To Create An NFT Collection On The Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain12:32
    How To Create A Polygon NFT On OpenSea4:26
    How To List An NFT On The Polygon Blockchain6:06
    How To Add Additional NFTS To Your Polygon Blockchain Collection2:54
  • NFTs Creation Workshop - Second Method
    Create A 3D Image With Cinema 4D63:02
    How Do You Add A Physical Sky In C4D (Cinema 4D)? And How To Create Clouds In C4D56:12
    How To Create A Glass Material In Cinema 4D - Make Transparent Materials in C4D53:49
    Create a 3D Animation In Cinema 4D53:46
    Add Sound Effects To Your Animation35:10
    How To Make Rain Or Snow In Cinema 4D And How To Upload To Instagram55:10
  • The NFTs Creation Workshop 3
    Create A Unique Image In Less Than 3 Minutes with Wombo Ai (AI Painting Generator)2:27
  • The NFTs Creation Workshop 4
    My Heritage Nostalgia Service Will Bring Images To LIFE!2:41
    Class Project 04 - Create A Social Media Account, Post To It, And Add A Bio Link3:11
  • How To Build An Audience On TikTok (Send Outside Traffic To Your Listings On The NFT marketplace Using The Power Of Tik Tok)
    Download The App, Install It, And Then Publish Your First Image On TikTok10:13
    Publish Your First Video On TIkTok - Test Shorter Videos5:33
    Publish Your Second Video On TIkTok - Take Advantage Of The Looping Feature10:24
    Project 05 - Learn More About The NFT Space1:16
  • Decentraland - A Metaverse World
    Second life vs Decentraland (Introduction)4:22
    Enter The Decentraland Metaverse (How To Join)4:39
    Exploring The Controls And An NFT Art Gallery7:59
    How To Buy Digital Real Estate In Decentraland (Metaverse Real Estate Explained)6:36
    How To Download & Install The WEB 3 STEPN NFT App - Move To Earn Solana Sol App1:45
    How To Get A STEPN Activation Code (Quick And Easy Methods!)4:38
    How I Got My STEPN Activation Code (Muted)41:03
    How To Do A STEPN NFT Sneakers Research On The STEPN Shoes Marketplace7:51
  • Ask Amir - Students Questions And Answers On Collection Creation
    Ask Amir 0001 - Students Questions And Answers - How To Create Layers In Canva54:00
    Ask Amir 0002 - Students Questions And Answers - How To Create An ENTIRE NFT Collection (10,000+) In Less Than 10 Minutes (Without Coding)9:59
    Ask Amir 0003 - Students Questions And Answers - How To Add The Polygon Matic Network To Your MetaMask Digital Wallet2:26
  • Ask Amir - Students Questions And Answers On Flipping NFTs (Create / Buy / Sell)
    Ask Amir 0004 - Students Questions And Answers - What Types Of NFTs People Usually Flip?2:42
    Ask Amir 0005 - Students Questions And Answers - Where To Find New NFT Projects To Invest In3:44
  • Ask Amir - Students Questions And Answers On Solidity & And Technical Topics
    Ask Amir 0006 - Students Questions And Answers - What Is Gas?8:30
    Ask Amir 0007 - Students Questions And Answers - What Are Smart Contracts On Blockchain?8:27
    Ask Amir 0008 - Students Questions And Answers - What Is Hashing? (What Are Hash Functions, and What is SHA256)4:11
    Ask Amir 0009 - Students Questions And Answers - Blockchain Programming on Ethereum - What Is The First Line Of Code In Remix & Solidity5:34
    Ask Amir 0010 - Students Questions And Answers - How To Define A Smart Contract In Solidity7:09
    Ask Amir 0011 - Students Questions And Answers - How Do You Declare A Variable In Solidity2:32
    Ask Amir 0012 - Students Questions And Answers - How To Create A Function In Solidity11:08
    Ask Amir 0013 - What Is WebXR5:21
  • Ask Amir - Students Questions And Answers On Design
    Ask Amir 0014 - How To Create Your First Layer In Procreate Pocket (Procreate Digital Illustration App)3:47
    Ask Amir 0015 - How To Import An Image To Procreate Pocket2:21

A 12-Hour Step-by-Step Course on Everything You Need to Know on Creating, Buying & Selling NFTs

Amir Rimer

Amir Rimer | Online Instructor & Certified Elementary School Teacher

4.4/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Amir Rimer is a business and marketing online instructor, and a certified elementary school teacher for the past 24 years. He has great interest and enthusiasm in providing knowledge to his learners, especially in the field of marketing.

Amir has published several online courses and videos varying from Online Marketing, Advertisement, Social Media, and many more. He is passionate about teaching his learners and aims to make learning fun and easy.


This course will be perfect for people who are completely new to NFTs. Even if have never heard about blockchain, NFT, digital art, or listing digital art for sale, don't worry, instructor Amir Rimer will walk with you step by step and teach you everything there is to know in this course.

You will learn the basics of NFT, Blockchain, and crypto. More if your budget is extremely limited, Amir has added a brand new section to this course in which I show you how to drastically reduce your expenses in the NFT business. Once you finish the course, you will be able to create, sell, and buy NFTS.

4.7/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 66 lectures & 12 hours of content 24/7
  • Know what NFT & blockchain are
  • Understand why you should create & sell NFTs
  • Learn how to protect your NFTs
  • Get images from which you will create your NFTs
  • Set up a MetaMask wallet
  • Sign up for OpenSea & list your NFTs
  • Build an audience who will be waiting for your NFTs to go on sale


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels
  • Have questions on how digital purchases work? Learn more here


  • You need to pay a one time listing fee to OpenSea NFTs marketplace to list your NFTs for sale


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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